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How to Stimulate Your Child’s Growth

Did you know a child’s first 5 years acts as a golden window of opportunity for parents to build their children’s cognitive and intellectual growth? Millions of neurons can be formed in the brain during this time, so help stimulate them as much as possible because they will not have a growth rate as fast as this once they pass these initial years. By doing so, you could even affect how they handle relationships, pressures and how they perform academically. So, here’s what you need to do to stimulate your child’s growth across each age period:

First 3 Months

In the baby’s first few months, their growth depends entirely on small sounds and cues they receive, which gives them an idea about their environment. What you can do is communicate with your baby as much as possible, be it by reading a book, singing a song or even something as simple as telling them about your day. What you’re doing here is strengthening the bond between you two while teaching your baby how to create a healthy relationship. This is the beginning of the path that sets them up for a future of non-toxic relationships. Also, while babies should always sleep on their backs, when they’re awake it’s perfectly fine for you to lay them on your stomach. This encourages them to learn how to move their arms and legs while strengthening their neck.

3 To 9 Months

This is the period where your baby will be able to sit upright and eventually pull themselves into a standing position, even though they won’t be able to walk as of yet. They’ll enjoy being with people who can make them laugh and will be quick to have a smile on their face. They’ll be engaged best by activities that amuse them like peek-a-boo, looking in the mirror or finding hidden objects. They’ll also begin eating solid foods by around 6 months, so allow them to play around and learn more about different textures when it comes to food. It can get messy but it does stimulate them well. Make sure to get your baby’s eating equipment amongst other important parenting tools at nest 2 me.

9 To 18 Months

Babies at around 9 to 18 months tend to explore more while they walk around. They should be more open to interacting with their environment and the people around them. Toys with sounds, shakers, drums and other low-cost toys would be ideal for stimulating children of this age because it helps them learn more about the environment and how to interact with it.

1 To 2 Years

During this time, you need to build your child’s communicative skills and how to interact better with people. You can play games with your child that includes singing and dancing. Also read books to them, look at pictures to build up their reading skills. Get toys with more learning activities.

2 To 4 Years

This is where you teach your child how to look after themselves, perhaps by showing them how to put their clothes away or letting them help in harmless ways of preparing food. You also teach them how to better control their emotions while also engaging them in problem-solving activities, painting, singing etc.

These are the best ways to stimulate your child during the first five years of their life!

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