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How To Get Yourself An Expensive Gift And Not Feel Bad About It

We have all been through the process of buying expensive gifts for friends and family quite happily but when it comes to buying an expensive gift for ourselves, we can be quite reluctant. We often tend to think that we don’t deserve such expensive gifts or sometimes that we could use that money to buy something else. But here’s the thing, every now and then it is a really good idea to treat yourself to something nice. It doesn’t have to be all the time but every once in a while is okay. Often the reason that we tend to avoid doing this is because we feel that investing a large sum of money for ourselves is a waste and in turn we avoid buying ourselves the gift that we so deserve. The other thing that usually happens is that we somehow manage to convince ourselves to get that expensive gift and then spend all the days that follow regretting that decision greatly. We come up with reasons as to why we didn’t think that we didn’t deserve it or we try to come up with all the other things that we could have done with the money we just invested. So how then can we buy ourselves something and not feel guilty? Read on to find out:

Buy Now And Pay Later Is Your Best Friend

As previously mentioned, one of the main reason we are a bit hesitant when buying ourselves a gift is that we often don’t feel comfortable putting down a whole chunk of money for ourselves. To get about this situation and to make sure that people still do buy expensive yet useful things, the process of buying now a paying later exists. For example, Apple Watch afterpay lets you have your Apple Watch and pay later with affordable installments. The best thing about this system is that when you have to pay in installments at a later date, you don’t essentially feel like you are putting down a whole lot of money, instead you will continue to easily pay the money either weekly, biweekly, monthly or whatever payment plan that you have agreed on. This method is excellent when you want to get yourself that gift you have always wanted. An important thing to keep in mind when choosing this method is to learn if there is an interest rate for the installments and if there is one, then find out if it is affordable to you.

Automated Payments To Your Savings

Another excellent method to save up some money to buy yourself that gift you have always wanted is to set your bank account to automatically transfer a certain amount or percentage into your savings account.

This way you won’t feel like you are putting aside money because you don’t have to actually make the transfer and the money will simply start to build up in your savings account until it has reached the amount you need to buy what you wanted.

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