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How to Help Your Baby Stay Asleep At Night

Alas, a parent’s biggest hurdle when it comes to their babies and toddlers is getting them to sleep through the night. A sleeping routine is vital for babies because it helps boost their mental, emotional and physical health! After many restless nights waking up to the frustrated cries of your little one, you’re probably wondering what you can do to reduce this occurrence. Here are a few steps you can use that might help but be aware every baby is individual so for some, only a few might work or for others it may take a more integrative effort.

Sleeping Mechanisms

Your first move would be to get rid of or stop all unhealthy sleeping mechanisms. Now, a Namely Co blanket or a stuffed toy is perfectly normal, but using bottles or breastfeeding to lull them to sleep will just create a dependence/craving for it every time they shift in their sleep. Ideally, your child should be well-fed before you put them to bed.


Sleeping problems usually come about from a poorly maintained schedule. Remember, each family has different needs so create a routine that works for you’ll specifically. From the moment your baby opens his/her eyes in the morning to closing their eyes at night, there will be a daily pattern for them to follow. These routines will give them a sense of security, which is essential to develop in a child’s younger years.


Needless to say a dark bedroom is vital for allowing your baby to drift off. If they happen to wake up in the middle of the night, don’t switch the light on. In the darkness, speak to your baby in soothing, quiet tones so that they eventually drift off again. For toddlers, essentially what you want to convey to them is that being up in the middle of the night is boring so keeping things quiet and dark only helps you prove your point.


Most parents tend to unintentionally reward their toddlers for waking up. What you have to do is give them a hug and talk to them reassuringly. You don’t let them switch rooms and crawl into bed with you unless it’s a special circumstance. With babies, it’s a little bit trickier because they’re quite persistent and a soothing hug doesn’t really stop the wailing. Try your best however to calm him down without resorting to breastfeeding and bringing about any type of dependence.

Screen Time

Do you give your toddler far too much screen time before bed? In fact, any amount of screen time right before bed is bad for them because it keeps them alert. This means that they are far less likely to fall asleep and stay asleep. Try and schedule this for during the day if possible.

These are the best ways you can make sure your child settles into a healthy routine of sleeping the night. It might take a while to establish but the end results will be well worth it! So for all you tired parents out there, hang in there!

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