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5 Tips for Helping Your Kids to Get More Excited About Joining a Swim Class

If you’ve got swim classes lined up for your children, and they are less than enthusiastic about it, chances are that you’re dreading getting them to go for said lessons. Instead of having to beg or threaten them on the morn of their lessons, try the below tips to get them excited for it instead…!

1. Build up The Hype

Children generally feed off our mood and take up cues about how to feel about new experiences from adults. This means, in general, if you act excited about something, there’s a high chance for your child being excited to try it out for the very first time. Try to amplify the excitement talking about it frequently before their first swim lesson. Be sure to avoid exaggerating how well they’ll do or feel in order to avoid disappointing them when they finally get to their swim lesson. This will only discourage them from wanting to go for their future lessons…

2. Buy Them Swim Suits That Excite Them

Just like most other parents, we are sure that you too want to get your kids the best quality swimsuit your money can buy; that’s both comfortable and will give them the freedom of mobility. You may even look for a brand exclusively for children like Tyoub or even want to buy them a swimsuit that will make them look cute in. However, don’t forget to take in your child’s opinion when it comes to their suit’s design. A swimsuit that caught their eye will more likely help them to get excited for a lesson than a suit that does not.

3. Get Them Gear That Will Keep Them Safe and Help Them Swim Better

If your child is dreading going for their first lesson, or is afraid of getting into the water despite multiple adults supervising them, chances are that they might completely refuse to get into the water. You definitely need to take it slow in a situation like this, and allow them to simply sit on the side of the pool and get their toes wet. In addition to allowing them to take it slow, it’s also vital that you get them the right swim gear to help them feel more confident getting into the water. This gear could be anything from floaties to goggles.

4. Pack an Exciting “After Swim” Snack Box

It’s a known fact that we generally get hungry after a swim. This is particularly correct in the case of young children. Packing them a nutritious after swim snack might be the right thing to do; but unless you make it at least look exciting, it will not work as an enticement to get your child enthusiastic about swim class. The solution? It’s simple; just add in something they like to snack on along with what you consider to be a healthy snack. With how hungry they’ll be after their swim, they are sure to finish it both!

5. Entice Them with a Promise of a Swimming Holiday

Though this might be considered a bribe, we do believe that promising them (vaguely at least) a beach holiday or a swim related holiday can actually help with getting them interested on their swim lesson…and perhaps even pay better attention to the instructions. Almost every child is interested in the prospect of a vacation anyway…!

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