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Creative Ways To Propose To The Love Of Your Life

After months or years of getting to know each other after all the banter and disagreements, love and happiness finally come first step to cross before the happily ever after becoming a reality. Once person meets his or her soul mate sooner or later the time will come where the four most important words are uttered. Will you marry me? One simple question that will impact the lives of two individuals forever.  Accordingly it’s every groom’s wish to propose to their love in a truly unique manner in order to make the memory more memorable and long lasting. Shown below are some creative ways that will assist you to propose in the most awe inspiring manner.

Cuteness Overload

Are you an animal lover? Does your partner love animals?  Or how about babies? Then the ideal proposal for you would be to get your furry little friends, or a cute baby to assist you as a plus one to ask the big question. After all who can resist cute little things? You can not only make the proposal daringly adorable it will make your girl squeal over cuteness. Seek assistance from your friends and family members to make the day even more adorable and sincere.

Scavenger Hunt  

Gone were the days where you simply ask will you marry me over dinner. Nowadays you have to be more innovative especially if your girl loves an adventure. Turn your boring proposal into a treasure hunt by scattering clues with romantic notes for your partner to find. Make the day more exciting you can either do it at home or even a special park or a place that means something to the both of you. Give her relevant clues without making awfully complicated and annoy her. Maybe ask a family member or a friend to guide her, and at the end you will be standing with your Etrnl rings to surprise her. End the hunt with a romantic gesture.  Make sure the place you chose to propose is somewhere special. May it be the first place you met, the place you shared your first kiss etc.

Destination Surprise

Do you want to make your proposal absolutely enchanting and private where just the two of you get to enjoy the occasion before bursting the bubble and announcing it to your friends and family? Then a destination proposal is ideal for you. It’s best if you do it during a holiday to make it less obvious.

And it essentially doesn’t have to be far away in another country. While another country would be amazing say a proposal at the top of Eiffel tower or even while gliding over the water in a romantic boat ride in Venice is quite mesmerizing. You don’t always have to be over the board. Take your loved one on a simple weekend getaway. Preferably somewhere tropical or near a beach. Enjoy the natural beauty and ask the question. It’s best to bring in the surprise factor.  

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