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How to Spice Up Your Relationship

Falling in love is easy, but staying in a relationship is hard, and that is why some relationships don’t last that long. Being in a long-term relationship can be a problem, too. The things that make you both happy during the start of the relationship can sometimes be a burden in the long run, or simply doesn’t excite you anymore. Being with someone for too long can make you too comfortable, or in unfortunate circumstances, you simply outgrew each other.

Whoever you are with, keep in mind that relationships are always in a cycle. You start your relationship happy, then end up bored or unhappy. If you are experiencing this with your partner right now, then it’s time to have that spark back in your relationship. If you want to feel like your old selves and you don’t know what to do, then here are some tips on how to spice up your relationship.

Do Something Out of the Ordinary

If you want to go back to being excited with your partner, then you should veer away from your usual routine and do something out of the ordinary. If you are always eating out on fast food chains and casual dining, why not try something fancy and romantic like a candlelit dinner in a fine dining restaurant? Try a concert or theatre play instead of the usual movie at the cinemas. In that way, you get to experience something new and bring back the spark that was once there. Because sometimes, sticking to your old and usual routine makes your love life dull, and you get used to it, that’s why the excitement in your relationship fades.

Be Adventurous

You should be out of your comfort zone and be adventurous if you want to spice things up. Go and have a vacation, take spontaneous trips, go to that beach resort you’ve always been planning to go, try bungee jumping, skiing, hiking, or sky diving. Trying out new things will make your bond with your significant other stronger, and have a closer connection with each other.

Be More Intimate

Be more intimate with your partner, especially during sex. Talk to each other, and try different positions you’ve never tried before. You can always add some fun like using sex toys. Don’t worry if you can’t find physical stores that sell these kinds of stuff because they can be easily found online. If you are living in Australia, check out everything adult store Penrith. They have tons of sex toys to choose from that can satisfy your sexual needs, and jazz up your romantic and sex life.

Prepare Surprises

If both of you are not keen on getting or preparing surprises, then why not try it for the first time? Surprise your significant other with flowers, of food that they’ve been craving for a while. You can also surprise them with a ticket somewhere or a special dinner, to name a few. It doesn’t matter what kind of surprise it is as long as you got your partner startled yet happy. It will surely become of the best days of their life.

Discover New Interests

In spicing up your relationship, you should try to discover new interests for both of you. You can try to join a book club, join a tour with some group of strangers, or even go to a gallery or museum to enjoy art. It will allow you to bond and have something new to talk about.


Communication is the key to a successful and happy relationship, so if one or both of you are not open with each other, then it’s time for you to open up and communicate more. Don’t let another person be your confidante. If you have issues in your relationship, you should talk about it with your partner and not with anyone else. Remember that a relationship is about the two of you, and it’s both of you versus the problem, not you versus your partner. Talk about everything from the smallest to major things. It will surely make a difference in your relationship.

There are more ways to spice things up in your relationship, and it’s up to both of you how you’re going to do it. As long as you both have the effort and positivity that things will work out like it used to, then there wouldn’t be any problems.

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