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What To Expect When A Newborn Arrives

You might have read all the books out there that explain how to take care of a new born. But nothing prepares you for the real experience as when it finally happens to you. You will always find yourself surprised at what you may find and learn from your new born. Always be expecting this and do not hesitate to ask for help when you feel lost. The key is not to become overwhelmed but tackle one problem at a time. Read on to find out what you can expect when your new born finally arrives. It might help you prepare better for the new born.

The Little They Do Makes A Lot Of Noise

Literally! They will cry most of the time. This is the way they communicate with you. Whether they are hungry, tired or sleepy, they will cry about it. At first you might not be able to tell what exactly they need but give it some time. You will soon figure it out. You will know exactly what they need when they cry. Be patient with them and also yourself to learn these things with time. Other than crying, sleeping, pooping and feeding, babies don’t do much. But the little they do can keep you busy and awake all day and night long. So try and get your rest whenever possible. And also get the baby into a routine so they will not keep you awake all night long. 

You Can’t Afford To Run Out Of Nappies

They are going to need a lot of nappy changes within a day. When it is wet, they will feel uncomfortable and may cry about it. And then there are the poop explosions to be looking out for as well which cannot be contained within a nappy. So have extra baby clothes and nappies in bulk stored away. Have a proper disposal system for the nappies as well. Otherwise it can end up stinking up your whole house. Dressing a nappy is something you will learn with time. Actually, by the end of the first week, you will be a pro at it as it is required of you all the time.

The New Born Will Grow And Develop Very Rapidly

Your new born is going to be very rapid in the process of development and growth. They will initially lose some weight no matter how well you feed them but then start catching up. They will soon start to make eye contact with you and smile with you. You will tend to feel more personal with them. They will find your voice soothing. Make sure to document all the milestones as this time will never come again.

You will soon miss it. But at the same time there is a lot of firsts to be looking out for as well. A lifetime of firsts, literally! You might feel that your baby grew up in a blink of an eye. Take the baby to the pediatrician as and when required for vaccinations and to keep track of their growth and development.

There’s a lot to expect at the arrival of a new born into your life. Take a note from above that will help you prepare better.

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