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Newborn Baby Essentials Shopping Guide

Shopping for your upcoming baby is such an exciting thing to do, whether you’re a first-time parent or an experienced one. Aside from those cute little outfits that are so hard to resist, there are also plenty of baby gears that are really appealing in the eyes of parents.

However, with all those things to choose from in a baby store, shopping for baby’s necessities can get a little challenging; especially when you’re on a budget. To make things simpler, here’s a simple guide on how to shop for baby essentials wisely.

Nursery Furniture

When you go to a baby store, you’ll be surprised on how many kinds of nursery furniture your baby can actually have. However, there are only two essential things you need to prepare as starters – a crib and a crib mattress. Basically, your baby will be spending most of his first few days sleeping a lot so having a quality crib with a comfortable mattress is what you’ll only need. Although, you may add a few furniture later on as your baby grows or when you have budget such as a rocking chair, glider, and other stuffs.


Who wouldn’t want to see their little one wearing those cute outfits you see on baby shop displays? It’s nice to have a few pieces of cute outfits for your baby for pictorials. However, you’ll only need a few pieces of basic baby clothing for baby’s first weeks. Babies grow rapidly during this time, making them outgrow clothes quickly. For starters, you’ll only need few pieces of snap-crotch onesies, tie-sides, shirt and pant sets, sleep wear, mittens and booties. You may add other pieces depending on the season such as sweaters for winter and sun hats for summer.


Babies only need milk for their first few months outside the womb. Parents can either choose whether they want to breast feed or formula-feed their little ones. For breastfeeding moms, having a nursing pillow, nursing bra and few pieces of nursing pads can make breastfeeding a little bit comfortable. If you’re working, having a breast pump lets you stock breastmilk for your baby. If you’re formula-feeding your baby, the essentials you need to prepare are few pieces of feeding bottles with newborn nipples, brush for bottle, drying rack and a sterilizer. Don’t forget to have a burp cloth nearby when feeding to easily wipe spit ups and spills.


Newborns soil their diapers more frequently unlike when they grow older. Having a few packs of newborn diapers, baby wipes and a diaper rash cream are what you need to prepare for starters. For keeping baby clean and fresh; an infant tub, mild baby wash, washcloths, soft and fine hair brush, nail clippers and cotton balls are what you’ll basically need to keep baby well groomed.

It’s exciting to shop things for your upcoming baby. However, baby items are not that cheap that’s why it is still best to be a wise shopper and get only the essentials to save and have more budgets for the most important things.

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