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Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

Getting a birthday gift for someone special as your best friend you might consider as a difficult task. You would want to get the best gift to someone that important. It’s not an easy thing to find a best friend who would stick by you through all times and that significant someone should receive nothing but the best.

Surprise Birthday

You can throw a birthday surprise, the classical way to celebrate any birthday you can start off with this and give her your gifts later on. You can just take her out for lunch or dinner and have someone arrange a birthday surprise at a park or beach and take her there. If you are planning to do something else you can help her family organize a birthday party for your friend and then surprise her with your gift later on

Concert Tickets

Who doesn’t love music, as her best friend you must be aware of the band or artist she likes if there is any concert of her favourite artist taking place try to get her tickets for the concert and surprise her with this on her birthday and you world see how excited and happy she would be. You could even buy her albums of her favourite artist or get her merch like clothes, bags, hoodies.


Good clothes always enhance oneself, but before you go for shopping subtly ask your friend about the size that fits her if she is the same size as you, you could get in that size. In orderfor your friend to not be suspicious of you try to get this information as early as possible not nearing her birthday as she would catch on very easily. If she has a specific Guerrilla Theatre Brand try to get something from there.


Good shoes take you to good places and they make an amazing gift as well.  Being with her you would know her preferences whether she likes shoes, sneakers or heels. But if you are planning to pair it with the clothes you are getting for her it’s better to get something that’s most suitable.


A video montage makes a very sweet gift. You can do this as an addition to the gift you are getting. To bring this surprise you can plan out a sleep over with your friend, and enjoy your time playing games and watching movie, prepare the movie beforehand editing your montage at the end of it and as the movie ends the montage will start playing and watch your friend being moved to tears appreciating your efforts.

Gift Box

Curate a gift box with her favourite product like a body wash, scrub, face mask and cream.


If your friend loves books, she would love this gift. While conversing she would have mentioned some books,she likes but couldn’t get her hands on, you can gift her this on her birthday.


A locket with a picture of her family on one side and picture of you and your friend on the other side would be beautiful gift that she will be wearing around her neck for a very long time.

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