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Important Parenthood and Baby Care Tips No One Will Tell You About

Being a parent is a magical experience where mistakes are never made and life is so beautiful and easy. This is what media would tell you however they are lying. Yes, there is magic in parenthood. Some experiences can be downright amazing and beautiful. However, it is definitely not very prevalent or found with ease. Media makes parenthood look like it is sweet and absolutely perfect however the reality is it is difficult and tough and not all of it is going to be moments you would look back at with fondness. So here are the important things about parenthood and baby care no one will tell you about.

You May Not Fall in Love with Your Baby at First Sight

Media loves making it seem like as if the moment you see your baby you will fall inexplicably in love with them. However, this while true to some mothers is not the norm. Giving birth is not easy. It is very difficult and painful. Furthermore, after you give birth you will have doctors trying to stitch you up and get the placenta out. Which by no means is the most comfortable and relaxing experience? So, when you are given your baby to hold for the first time, needless to say, you may not feel that overwhelming sense of love. If you do that is brilliant. If you don’t that is alright too. There are so many more moments to feel that.

The Comfort of Baby Clothing Is Better Than the Style

Baby clothes need to be comfortable. Pretty clothes are lovely to look at and seeing your little one in the most beautiful summer frock is a sight to behold but they are not everything. Babies would not care about whether their frock is Jeffrey star approved but they definitely will care if it is not comfortable. If a dress makes them feel uncomfortable or irritated, they will let you know via their tears. So regardless of where you buy your little one’s designer bums always go for comfort over style. Therefore, do not fall for the tricks of the media and purchase clothes because they look stylish.

Try to Sleep Whenever the Baby Sleeps

Babies especially newborns cannot maintain sleep for more than 2 to 3 hours and parents end up sacrificing their own sleep schedule to take care of their little one. However, while this seems doable in the beginning. As the days pass the lack of sleep can become exhausting and even dangerous. Being sleep deprived can affect your coordination and the way you carry out tasks.

Which is not just a danger to your wellbeing but your baby’s too.  Therefore, try to sleep with your baby. When they dose off, you should call it a day and catch up on sleep too. Even though it won’t be for long. It can still provide you with some much-needed rest.

Ultimately parenthood and baby care are not easy but given you do the above, it can feel easier.

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