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Creative Gift Exchange Ideas

Gifts are the way of showing our loved ones that we care about them. But it is so stressful to find the right gift for everyone while keeping intact with the budget. Choosing a gift exchange idea ahead of time will reduce the stress and you can also decide on a price point and a theme everyone agrees on. Agreeing on a particular theme will make it more meaningful for the people in the group. Here are some gift exchange ideas to do among your family and friends.

Themed Exchange

Your group of friends must decide on a theme. It can be a Christmas cheer, self-care themed or any other. When you focus on the things you love, all of your friends will leave with something they also love and this will make this type of exchange extra special.

Favourite Things Party

Here you can choose a price point and everyone is supposed to bring three of the same priced item. For example, if you agree on $5, you have to buy three of your favourite $5 item. Everyone must write their name three times on a slip and put it in a bowl. Each one gets a chance to get up and explain their favourite item and draw three names. Everyone leaves with three new gifts which represents their friends.

Experience Exchange

This is perfect for group of friends who wants to get together but doesn’t want to exchange more stuff. Everyone picks an experience gift. It can be a ticket to a movie or a dinner date to a favourite restaurant. Then a draw can be conducted to exchange these gifts. Finally, you will end up with a one-on-one friend date which will be so much fun.

Secret Santa

This is one of the most popular gift exchange method. Participants do not reveal the name they drew until the gift is opened at the Christmas gathering. You can do this among your family members, friends and even among colleagues. You can make the gift more appealing to the receiver. If you need help making a unique packaging, you can search for gift packaging in your country.

For example, if you are living in Australia, you can search as gift packaging Australia to help you out. You can also leave some clues such as poems inside the packaging for the receiver to guess their secret Santa. It’s traditional for everyone to guess after opening the gift.

White Elephant Exchange

This method will bring you a big-time laugh. It’s all about exchanging the gaudiest gifts among your family or friends. Everyone is supposed to bring a wrapped cheap gag gift that everyone will fight over after drawing numbers. This is a fun method to know who brings the most hilarious gifts. At the end of the day you will all leave happy after a good laugh.

These are just some methods of gift exchange you can do with your friends and family. There are no hard and fast rules. You can do whatever you like to make it more fun and interesting.

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